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Calling all Fan Art! Okay all of you otaku (Anime fans) out there! Now is your chance to show your anime and furry (anthropomorphic) artwork off to the world!

Scan in your artwork, take digital photos, or e-mail your digital art to us by clicking here: EMAIL US. Mention if you want your name, city, state, or age included with the picture. It's also nice if you mention who the character(s) are and from which anime or furry comic (or if is an original creation). We don't have to put any text with the artwork if you like. Just keep it somewhat family friendly!

If anyone has any animation shorts that they have created, please send those as well if you like.

If you have a website with more of your artwork, we will be happy to include a link to your site along with your picture or pictures. All artwork ownership remains with the artist/animator whom created such artwork/animation.


Please click on the image for a larger view.

Image      Image     Image     Image     Image



The winner of our August 2007 Art contest:

Jessica Bradley
of South Australia

Jessica has won the software package Manga Studio 3.0! Congratulations Jessica!

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